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End of Summer Lawn Care Tips to Beat the Heat!

As the end of summer draws near, you may have noticed your lawn looking a little less than its best. Between little feet running around, backyard barbeques, and the harsh summer sun, your lawn takes a beating during the summer months. As experts in lawn care, we pulled together our years of experience and expert knowledge to bring you our best end of summer lawn care tips! 

1. Airing Out Compacted Grass 

Over time, lawns develop a buildup of organic debris called thatch that blocks nutrients and moisture, and stifles growth. During the summer months, this problem becomes increasingly worse as grass is victim to higher traffic. To restore growth and help get nutrients where they need to go, we recommend aeration to give your lawn the breath of fresh air it needs. 

2. Get Rid of Damaging Lawn Pests

While the end of summer may mean the end of backyard activities for you, lawn pests are just getting started! Here in Oklahoma, grub worms can be a particularly damaging! With lifecycles extending 1 to 3 years, and the ability to lay up to 50 eggs at a time, grubs and beetles can quickly become a serious issue in your yard. Even worse, a yard full of grubs is the perfect environment for moles and gophers to invade and feed on their favorite snack. 

Since grubs and beetles feed until early October, the end of the summer is the perfect time to take action and get rid of them! Once you’ve identified the issue, contact a professional to help you treat your yard and get rid of those pests! 

3. Healing Brown Patches

Another common Oklahoma lawn problem is brown patch. Occurring during the warm months, large patch disease causes thin, bleached, or yellow areas in your lawn. These often show up in the shape of circles or semicircles and can be a real eyesore! 

If brown patch has shown up during the summer, you have a few different options. One option is to treat your lawn with moderate amounts of fertilizer. Of course, the best option is to seek help from the professionals. At Nutri-Green, we understand Tulsa’s climate and have the knowledge and experience your lawn needs to repair your damaged lawn. 

4. A Healthy Lawn All Year Long!

Ready for a lawn you can be proud of during every season? Let us help! We offer professional lawn care services in Tulsa that will take care of all your turf’s needs! Contact us to chat with one of our experts and develop a custom plan for your best lawn!