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Trees and shrubs are some of the best ways to make your landscape stand out, but if they are not properly cared for, they can quickly become your yard’s biggest eyesores. If you’re struggling to keep your ornamentals healthy and lush, our tree and shrub care in Tulsa and surrounding areas can help get them back to their former glory!

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Tree and Shrub Care in Tulsa

Green lawn with shrubs and trees


Our tree & shrub program is critical for the protection of your landscape investment. Regular care allows a professional to keep an educated eye open for problems caused by disease and insects. In order to display a perfect landscape, it takes expertise, time, and hard work. No worries! We will do all of the work for you, so you can spend valuable time with family and friends. With a beautiful landscape and lawn, your home’s curb appeal will be flawless.

To make sure that your ornamental plants in your yard thrive all year long, our 6-step tree and shrub care plan will provide the care and attention that they need, including:

  • Spring feeding to promote richer color and growth and help plants recover from the winter conditions.
  • Young foliage protection for insect and disease control that reduces the impact of early damage from pests.
  • Maturing foliage protection for insect and disease control for strongly established trees and shrubs before the summer heat.
  • Hot weather foliage protection for insect and disease control for plants maturing in the hottest parts of the summer.
  • Late summer foliage protection for insect and disease control to prepare trees and shrubs for fall-feeding insects and any existing plant disease.
  • Fall and winter protection includes a foliar application to treat your trees and shrubs consisting of dormant oil to prevent spring infestations of overwintering insects, eggs, and diseases.​

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Increase Your Home's Value

A well-programmed landscape will stay attractive and hold its value much longer than a landscape left unattended or minimally maintained. We all know plant material is expensive, but sometimes homeowners don’t realize the importance of proper landscape maintenance until it’s too late or when ornamentals are prematurely replaced due to lack of proper care. While renovating a turf area is somewhat expensive, the cost is minor compared to replacing trees and shrubs. Don’t let the lack of maintenance sneak up on you.

Protect your investment today and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased real estate value
  • Beautification of your property
  • Shading and enhanced cooling
  • Screening, privacy, and noise reduction
  • Air purification and wind reduction
  • Recreational value
  • Enhanced safety

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Areas We Service

Are you wondering if we offer our tree and shrub care services in your area? Nutri-Green services areas in and around the greater Tulsa metro area. This includes: 

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