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Choosing A Good Landscape/Mowing Contractor

Nutri-green lawn care team members

When it comes to your yard, you want to showcase a beautifully, green lawn and landscape to your neighbors. Displaying a healthy and green lawn will give your home the additional love and presentation to its curb appeal. It takes time, effort, and the right contractor to get the job done right.

Get your lawn in the right hands.

A landscape contractor can offer you a variety of services including design, installation, and maintenance of plants, trees, and your lawn. It may seem difficult to choose the right company for these important responsibilities around your home. Here are some guide points to consider when making your decision.

Decide what services you need from a landscape contractor.

Some contractors offer a large variety of services while others may specialize and only offer specific services. Be sure they offer what you’re looking for.

How long have they been in business?

Landscaping installation and maintenance is a good, yet expensive investment. Be thorough and get references and check their level of excellence. Read both good and bad online reviews but be objective.

Are they insured? Licensed? Certified?

Not every service you may need requires a license or certification but, you should only hire contractors that are insured. Protect yourself and your property by asking for proof of insurance.

Know what you want and be specific with your request.

This eliminates confusion and misunderstandings. Determine the extent of services, design or maintenance you wish to have done before you speak with a contractor.

All work should be guaranteed.

What should you expect? When will the contractor return to mow if rained-out that day? What happens if some plants die? How does the guarantee work?

Ask to look at their handiwork and go visit the site.

Getting a first-hand look at a contractors work will give you a good idea of how your job will be done.

Get a contract or written plan before agreeing and read the fine print.

Most good companies are forthcoming with restrictions that may be present in their agreements and inform you of them. However, it is your responsibility to know what those are. Know the terms.

What happens after installation?

Find out what kind of ongoing maintenance will be needed after installation. Aftercare is vital to new plant materials. How much, how often and when should I water? Do you offer aftercare maintenance? What are my responsibilities to get the most out my investment?

Here at Nutri-Green, we pride ourselves on the good testimonies our customers give us and consider constructive criticism as an opportunity to listen to our customer and improve where we fall short. We like to work with other companies who share the same philosophies. Below is a list of contractors we work with that has proved to be reputable and reliable:

Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Contractors                                                      

  • Foundations Landscape, LLC.  (918) 697-3037
  • Beeler’s Lawn Care (918) 810-1681
  • TurfRescue (918) 671-5665