June 17, 2024
How Can I Make My Yard Thicker and Greener?
A lush, vibrant lawn is the dream of many Oklahoma homeowners. A thick, green yard not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also provides a great space for outdoor activities. Achieving this goal is possible with a few key lawn care practices. In this article, we’ll explore ways you…
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lawn sprinkler in tulsa ok
June 3, 2024
June Lawn Care Tips For Tulsa Residents
As the warm weather of June rolls in, it's essential for Tulsa residents to give their lawns the care and attention they need to thrive. The summer heat can be harsh on your grass, but you can maintain a lush, healthy lawn with the right techniques. Here are some helpful lawn care tips to help you…
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lawn mower cutting grass in tulsa
May 28, 2024
Best Mowing Tips For Shade Tolerant Grasses
Maintaining a lush, green lawn is more than just a matter of aesthetic appeal; it’s about ensuring the health and longevity of your grass. Proper mowing techniques, especially for shade tolerant grasses, are crucial to achieving this goal. By following these expert tips, you can keep your lawn in…
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snow covered grass in tulsa oklahoma
January 16, 2024
Watering Grass in the Winter
As winter sets in, it's easy to forget about lawn care, assuming that grass doesn't need as much attention during the colder months. However, maintaining a healthy lawn requires some effort, even in winter. One crucial aspect is proper watering.
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earthworms make mounds in soil after rain
November 6, 2023
Why Are There Small Mounds of Dirt in My Yard After Rain?
If you've ever noticed small dirt mounds in your yard after a rainstorm, you may be wondering what causes them. These mysterious mounds can be caused by a variety of factors, including earthworms, moles, mole crickets, and gophers.
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homeowner raking leaves in tulsa ok
October 3, 2023
Why Do People Rake Leaves?
When it comes to maintaining a lush and healthy lawn, raking leaves is an essential task that should never be overlooked. Not only does it benefit you and your property, but it also ensures the longevity and vitality of your precious grass. 
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healthy shrubs and landscape in tulsa
September 9, 2023
The Importance of Protecting Your Landscape
What do you notice when you see a well-maintained landscape? Graceful, majestic trees? Attractive, shapely shrubs with colorful blooms? Dense ground cover complimenting blooming flowers? 
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tulsa lawn with a lawn disease
May 16, 2022
The Most Common Lawn Diseases in Tulsa, OK
While there are many things that can damage your turf and cause it to turn brown—such as drought, compacted soil, high heat and humidity, lack of nutrients, and more—there are a few common lawn diseases that can cause similar symptoms.
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army worm crawling on foliage
May 2, 2022
How To Get Rid Of Army Worms
In the last few summers army worms have become more and more active, destroying lawns across the country, including right here in Oklahoma. To help you identify these destructive pests and the damage they cause, our team put together this guide to army worms.
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henbit weeds can overtake dormant lawns in tulsa
December 16, 2020
Winter Weeds in Tulsa, Oklahoma
There’s nothing more annoying than seeing winter weeds pop up in a uniform dormant brown lawn. These weeds stick out like a sore thumb, disrupt the appearance of a clean property, and could cause the start of an early mowing regimen. Yuck! You may be asking, what are these pesky weeds in my lawn?…
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shrubs and trees on tulsa property
November 24, 2020
8 Quick Tips for Tree and Shrub Care
In the yard, homeowners typically focus most of their attention on their lawn but forget that trees and shrubs need attention too. However, trees and shrubs in urban and suburban conditions are under more stress than trees and shrubs in their natural environments where nutrients are readily…
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tulsa ok lawn
October 30, 2020
How Lime Treatments Will Improve Your Oklahoma Lawn
It's relatively easy to see when it's time to mow the lawn, repair a bare spot, or that the grass needs fertilizer. However, most homeowners are not aware that adding lime to your lawn is vital to keeping it healthy. Applying lime to your lawn helps grasses reach their full potential. 
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