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Lawn Fertilizer – Addressing the Crabgrass

It’s time to whip out your gardening tools, lawn mowers, and lawn sprinklers because the warm weather is here to stay and help your landscape come to life.

With a little tender love and preventative action, you will prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn. If crabgrass starts to sprout and establish itself, there are ways to address and remove it. There are two methods pertaining to crabgrass: prevention and control.

The issue with crabgrass is that it spreads quickly once the warm summer days roll in. Between seasons, the plant produces thousands of seeds that make their way into the ground once the warm weather comes back around.

KEY to crabgrass control: Making sure the seeds aren’t able to germinate by achieving a healthy thick lawn free from weeds.

With controlling the crabgrass when it has established in your lawn, it will need more than just regular lawn maintenance such as mowing and occasional weeding. One of the first things to do is apply a pre-emergent herbicide that will kill the crabgrass seedlings, even if they are germinating.

Timing and consistency is everything, and with our 7-step lawn care program your home will be free of weeds, showcase a thick, green lawn all while you sit back and relax.

Since spring has sprung, our first steps of the 7-step program are two pre-emergent applications with weed killer. These treatments will build a strong weed barrier that will prevent new crabgrass growth, along with killing off other weeds that lie in your yard.

Once summer strolls in, we have four weed control applications that kill resilient summer weeds along with a balanced fertilizer. The lawn fertilizer will thicken up and keep your lawn green during the growing season.

When fertilizing your lawn, it should be watered-in well and regularly providing it enough moisture to reach the deep roots. Sometimes with an irregular watering schedule, it can cause shallow root growth and de-hydration stress pushing your lawn to go dormant and turn brown. See our Lawn watering suggestions.

Controlling the crabgrass that has already emerged in your lawn can be a lot of time and work. Not only does the crabgrass weeds need to be removed, but they need special treatment in order to remain removed from your lawn. This can be frustrating for homeowners to manage. Every lawn is different and needs to be treated the right way. With our highly trained Lawn technician’s know-how, along with our professional grade turf care products and timing of our program, your lawn will be crabgrass-free and the talk of the neighborhood.