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Overnight Lawn Success

The front yard of a home in Tulsa. Nutri-Green provides their lawn care.

Your lawn is in safe hands.

Trust is earned, not given. At Nutri-Green we understand, it can be difficult to trust that you’ve hired the right lawn care company to meet your goals. Through dedication and hard work, our proven results will give you confidence that your lawn is in safe hands. Our certified professionals have turned weed infested mediocre lawns into healthy beautiful green spaces, in the Tulsa area, since 2001. We will do the same to yours.

Road to a Healthy Lawn

  • Many weeds, thin spots, pale-green grass, etc are signs of an unhealthy lawn and will need lots of TLC and time to recuperate.
  • Each treatment work right away. After a year or two your lawn  effective results in about
  • However, you can be successful if you keep this in mind:
  • Simply spraying for weeds, planting more grass seed, or spreading fertilizer won’t always solve the problem because something is causing the grass to be this way.
  • These are some signals that your yard isn’t happy. Often homeowners find this out the hard way.
  • Attaining “instant results”

A beautiful lawn will only be attained by the on-going process of hard work, consistency, persistence, timing, patients and trust. Once stopped, your lawn will decline and regress back to being mediocre and full of weeds.

  • This is why the shorter the time between each fertilizer and weed treatment the better the results.
  • Conquering the war on weeds is quite a challenge. what to expect.
  • When hiring a contractor to paint your home or repair your car, results are instant, satisfying and complete.
  • The fight is a constant battle.
  • Sometimes this happens almost instantly.
  • Because Lawn care is a science and is unlike most contracted services.
  • Often throws us curves that are tough for any company to overcome.
  • Have us with something as cherished as your lawn but, we will .
  • Expected when dealing with Mother Nature

Be aware that more treatment—at least in the short term—is not necessarily better treatment. Any company can produce a quick flash of green growth with quick-release fertilizer that weakens your lawn’s root systems.

What are your expectations? Can you live with a few weeds in your lawn? Are you willing to wait a year for your lawn to reach the condition you desire? Two years? How much chemical treatment will you accept?

Communicate your expectations to the lawn care services you deal with. If you can be patient, you may save money and minimize chemical use by limiting treatments to the most important times of the year, targeting only problem areas, and relying heavily on techniques like core aeration to build a fundamentally strong lawn.

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