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Prepare Your Lawn for Spring Weed Control

healthy lush grass and shrubs

Early weed infestation is everyone's biggest lawn headache. Weeds steal vital nutrients, cause stress, and weaken the grass's immune system. Pre-emergent herbicides are the best way to get early control of weed problems in Oklahoma lawns. Our pre-emergence herbicide applications are applied over the entire lawn to stop new weeds from popping up and acts as a blanket spray that builds a weed protection barrier. To be effective, pre-emergence herbicides must reach the soil. If the lawn is full of debris, then a weed barrier can not be established in that area. Here are three essential lawn tips you can do that will increase our pre-emergent weed control applications' effectiveness.

Remove Debris 

Fallen branches, leaves, and other yard debris have likely collected on your lawn throughout winter. A little picking up and cleaning up will get your yard clear and ready for our vital pre-emergence application. 

Remove Leaves 

In addition to debris, leaves have likely gathered in piles throughout the lawn. Look for high collection areas such as fence lines, corners, and landscape beds. If possible, we recommend mulching leaves to provide beneficial organic material back into the soil.
Clearing the lawn free of debris and leaves will clear the lawn area allowing complete pre-emergence coverage that will otherwise be obstructed.

Add Mulch

After you get your landscape beds clean, it's time to add mulch. Most weeds need some sunlight to grow. A good mulch layer maintained 2-3" thick helps protect the soil from sunlight, thus reducing weed germination. If you are looking for more protection, Nutri-Green offers plant safe weed control to help reduce weeds in your flower beds. 

How We Prevent Weeds from Emerging 

If you plan to use a rake during clean up, it is especially important to have this done before our Nutri-Green lawn experts apply a pre-emergent weed barrier. Pre-Emergence herbicides are designed to sit on the surface and lie shallow in the soil. Once new weeds begin to germinate or grow, the pre-emergent herbicide will prevent the weed from sprouting through the soil. Scratching the soil with a rake after the application pre-emergence could break the pre-emergent barrier and allow weeds to sprout. Take time to tidy up your lawn before we apply weed control, and your lawn will thank you for it. 

The time to get your lawn ready is now because spring will be here before you know it. Preparing your lawn for spring weed control comes down to these basic steps: remove debris, remove leaves, and add mulch; that way, we can prevent weeds across your entire lawn. If you are not on one of our basic, preferred, or premier weed control programs and need help, call Nutri-Green, today, or explore our lawn care services. Don't wait, call us at (918) 322-5757