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The Weeds of Oklahoma

With rain and warmer weather comes weeds. Sometimes they can be hard to spot and often times blend in with your lawn.
Red Dirt Gardening made a list of the most common Oklahoma weeds to help you identify the different varieties:

Annual Bluegrass








Black Medic

- Annual or cool season perennial.

- Reproduces by seed

- Shallow rooted with bright yellow flowers. 





Bind Weed or Creeping Jenny 

Bull Nettle








Bushy Aster


- Biennial

- Reproduces by seed

- A spiny coarse plant that when mature has a large reddish purple flower that appears from summer through fall. 




Carolina Geranium 







Carpet Grass  








Carpet Weed

Chick Weed








Crab Grass









Cud Weed















Curly Dock




































Evening Primrose


















Johnson Grass








  • Perennial grass – reproduces by seed and has an extensive underground root system.

Knot Weed

















Nut Grass
































Prickly Lettuce









  • Summer annual
  • Reproduces by Seed
  • Tolerates drought and likes rich fertile soil.





Rag Weed









Shepherds Purse









  • Winter annual that reproduces by seed.
  • Flowers are small, white with 4 petals.
  • Loves thin poor turf.

Spiny Sow-thistle



















Vetch (Narrow-leaf)








Wood Sorrel/ Yellow Oxalis

















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