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3 Sprinkler Suggestions for Your Lawn

Sprinkler watering green grass

As homeowners, we know we need to water our lawns. That doesn't mean we always remember or know how much! That's why sprinkler systems are highly recommended for proper lawn care in Oklahoma. That way, you don't have to worry about when to turn it off or on!

Each lawn needs a different amount of water. A common mistake is always following the same watering schedule year after year—watering times vary with different types of sprinklers heads. The suggested spray times and day frequencies may need to be adjusted to your lawn’s specific needs. Adjust these settings for sloped lawns, soil-types, rainfall, temperature changes, or signs of drought. If adjustment is needed, adjust spray time before increasing or decreasing day frequency.

So what sprinkler should you install in your yard? Here are three suggestions from the lawn care professionals at Nutri-Green!

1. “Spray-type” Heads 

This type does NOT rotate or oscillate.

spray type lawn sprinkler

Start time: Set for a very early morning. Allow enough time for all zones to be complete before sun up.

Spray time: 20-30 min. each Lawn Zone

Days of week: 3-4


2. “Rotor-type” Heads

This type does rotate, and/or oscillate.

rotor-type head sprinkler headStart time: Same as “spray-type” heads

Spray time: 25-35 min. each Lawn Zone

Days of week: 3-4



3. “Hose-Fed” Sprinklers

This type is stationary and must be manually moved.

hose-fed sprinklerStart time: Better to water late evening than early morning to reduce evaporation throughout the day.

Spray time: 25-35 min. each area

Days of week: 3-4


“Head-to-Head Coverage” for Best Results

As the name says, Head-to-Head coverage means sprinkler heads are spaced to throw water far enough to slightly overlap or at least hit the next head. This will ensure uniform and 100% water coverage. Without uniform water coverage, signs of over or under watering may appear. The goal of a sprinkler system is to have lush green grass and healthy plants; head-to-head coverage will help you attain that goal.

Don't Forget Maintenance! 

The best way to conserve water, lower your water bill, and help protect your lawn and landscape investment is to have a properly operating sprinkler system. Professional irrigation companies usually offer a variety of maintenance packages to fit your individual needs. If shopping around, we suggest at least two inspection services to be performed yearly. These include spring start-up and fall winterizing. Adding a third summer inspection is not necessary, but could be helpful. 

Do You Think Your Lawn May be Over or Under-Watered?

Even with a sprinkler system, it's possible either end could happen—especially if the sprinkler is faulty. Call the lawn care professionals at Nutri-Green a call at 918-322-5757! We would love to help you and bring your lawn back to health! We have 15 years of experience providing lawn care, so you can rest assured that your lawn will be green and lush again in no time!

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