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5 Steps to a Healthy, Green Lawn This Year

nutri-green lawn care technician

A new year calls for new actions towards your lawn! The only way to get the overall health of your lawn into tip-top condition is by making changes with your lawn maintenance.

Nutri-Green has put together 5 simple steps to help with the grand plan of lawn care maintenance. With these steps to a healthy, green lawn and our lawn care program, your lawn will be the talk of the town.

Scope Out the Deficiencies

Look at your lawn and see what jumps out to you. Identifying the spots that need maintenance will be obvious and will need to be taken care of for the next season. If you want your lawn to remain healthy and green, you must be consistent by maintaining the best lawn care program.

Mowing 101

It’s vital to have a schedule when it comes to mowing your lawn. Why? There are many factors that affect the overall lawn such as shade, sun, soil drainage, and rainfall. Mowing the lawn on a regular basis will help regulate the growth and health.

Water, Water, Water

Your lawn needs to be properly watered on a regular basis. The watering schedule will all depend on the type of lawn you have, the soil, and how much rainfall the lawn receives. Most people will have automatic sprinklers in their yard, which is good! But, you don’t want to overdo it.

Testing the Soil

The main components to a healthy lawn relies on the pH level of the soil. The pH level of the soil will determine the nutrients your grass is soaking and not soaking in. Nutri-Green can come out and test the soil to balance the nutrient levels for your grass.

The Pests

Lawn pests are the worst because they will terrorize the lawn. If you’re experiencing lawn pests, you will want to become familiar with various pesticides and which ones to use on your lawn. Depending on the lawn type, the pesticide could be too powerful and could damage the lawn more.

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