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The Best Way To Water My Oklahoma Lawn

A toddler standing next to a water sprinkler irrigation system.

July is the only month in the year that always starts with a bang. July in Oklahoma means the celebration of Independence Day, BBQs, swimming pool activities, and hot weather. But, what does July in Oklahoma mean to your lawn? 

July is the month that typically brings dry conditions causing your grass to turn brown and look dead. Here at Nutri-Green, this time of year our customers flood our phone lines with all kinds of lawn watering questions. So, we put together a few reliable lawn watering tips to help you prevent your grass from getting drought stress, turning yellow, looking sick, and interrupting essential family activities.

Just like humans, turfgrass must stay adequately hydrated to live and thrive. Generally speaking, apply about 1 to 2 inches of water per week to the entire lawn—this should wet the soil to at least a 6-inch depth, which will encourage more profound root growth. 

However, because of intense heat or other factors—such as soil type, mowing height, exposure to wind and sun, and needs specific to individual grass types—watering may have to be more frequent. 

Here are tips for how to best water your Oklahoma lawn:

  • The key is to water deeply. Avoid repeated light watering, which will result in shallow roots making the grass more susceptible to stress. 
  • Water early in the morning, long before the intense heat of the day. Considering the watering time, I like to set each sprinkler zone so that watering is complete by 4:30 or 5 a.m. This gives more time for the ground to absorb moisture, which reduces water loss to evaporation before sunrise. 
  • Check your sprinkler heads for coverage, adjustment, repairs, and replacement. 
  • Stay ahead of drought stress, because it takes a while to replenish moisture back into the grass when the weather is hot and dry. To stay in front, we recommend beginning a steady watering regimen earlier in the year. 
  • Build a robust and resilient root system by aerating the soil yearly and water for more extended periods. This will encourage grassroots to chase the water deep into the soil, rewarding you with that thick, deep green lawn you desire.

Follow these essential lawn watering tips, and you’ll better enjoy family activities both on your lawn and in the heat of July. And don’t forget to learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of watering your lawn

Does your lawn look healthy, deep green, and thick like you want? If not, give Nutri-Green a call, we have solutions for a healthy lawn you’ll love to walk on barefoot. Call us at 918-322-5757 or fill out one of our contact forms.