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Bring New Life…With Over-Seeding!

Overseeding in Tulsa

It’s that time of the year to revitalize your lawn. The season is changing and your green grass and soil will start to look thin and unhealthy without proper care and maintenance. If your lawn is suffocating from tight soil, our lawn care professionals can bring new life to your lawn with over-seeding!

Aeration and over-seeding offer the best option for your property. The process helps gain back the health and strength of your lawn while maintaining a thick-lush look.

Living in the hot Oklahoma summer, the fescue type grasses typically go dormant because of the heat and not enough water. This causes grass loss, thinning and weed intrusion. In order to gain back that strength, our over-seeding service includes:

  • Aeration/ soil preparation
  • Special blended seed
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Seeding maintenance guide that teaches you how to properly water, mow and more
  • 2 week follow up inspection of the lawn after the treatment has been completed

There are two types of aeration: Liquid and Core Aeration.

Liquid aeration has the same affects as the Core Aeration, but it works the best! It’s the environmentally-friendly choice that’s healthy for your lawn and the outdoors. The process adjusts the size of the soil grains that allows for better airflow and water retention. With the large soil particles, the air, water and nutrients can move more easily throughout and spread which makes for an overall healthy lawn!

Core Aeration uses a small hole technique that will allow the air, water and nutrients to go deeper into the soil. This will help the grassroots grow strong and healthy. The main purpose of the Core Aeration is to break up the compacted soil that builds up over the course of the year.

With the aeration and over-seeding process, your lawn will benefit in many ways:

  • Thicker and greener lawn
  • Reduces compaction over time
  • Increase health and vigor
  • Increase water retention and grass thickness
  • Fills in bare spots within your lawn
  • Naturally prevents weeds
  • Allows your lawn to get the nutrients it needs

So if you want to get rid of the ugly plugs, sprinkler heads and dead grass, give us a call today and you’ll receive $25 OFF for an over-seeding treatment.

**Restrictions may be applied**

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