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Brown Patch Treatment Tulsa - Identification 101

Brown Patch Lawn Disease

Have you experienced brown spots in your lawn?  Are you wanting to know how to identify the culprit and resolve the issue? Your lawn care professionals at Nutri-Green have some tips for brown patch identification and treatment in Tulsa.

Brown spots in your lawn aren’t pretty. There can be various issues as to why your lawn is broken up by an ugly brown patch.

The first thing you will want to do is go through a checklist of reasons for why it could be there.

  1. Do you own a pet? Animal urine from your dog or a stray animal passing through your yard could most likely be your problem. The urine causes the brown patches where the diluted nitrogen in the urine acts as a fertilizer. The spot will display as a shade of yellow with a brighter green rim around it.
  2. Mower issues. Sometimes having a dull mower with dull blades can tear your grass up rather than trimming it. In this case, you will want to sharpen the blades to your mower or inform the people cutting your grass.
  3. Mowing techniques. Having your mower set at low blade setting can cause lumps within your lawn. The lumps lead to damage, and isn’t giving your lawn enough growth.
  4. Various chemicals. Chemicals such as gasoline spills, herbicides, and pesticides can cause brown spots within your lawn. Sometimes uneven fertilizer can be the issue. Check with Nutri-Green about the different chemicals that should be used on your particular grasses before use.
  5. Insect Damage. Insects can often damage your beautiful lawn very quickly costing you time and money. Aggressive damage from insects like army worms and white grub worms show different signs of so called “brown spots”. The key to saving a lawn from insect damage is to properly identify the target pest. Our experts will inspect your lawn each treatment however, should you need help identifying pests that show up between treatments, simply give us a call.
  6. Disease Damage. Identifying diseases can be difficult. We are affected from many different types of diseases each year in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The same as with Insect control, the key to properly controlling any disease is to know exactly which disease is in your lawn. Some diseases may be controlled by specific timing when applying fungicides. Look at your lawn for ways to decrease a desirable disease environment like: fixing water and/or shade issues, adjusting sprinkler heads, and mowing more frequently.

Your lawn can be experiencing poor growing conditions, which can be the source of the brown spot. Some of the unfavorable issues for grass to grow could be poor soil, buried debris, erosion, larger roots under the soil, drought, and dormancy.

Since brown spots are known as the common lawn disease derived from various things, it might be time to move on and have our lawn care professionals visit and resolve the issue.

Some of the main culprits to brown spots in your lawn could be:

  • Thatch buildup
  • Grubs
  • Chinch bugs
  • Insects in general
  • Fungal diseases

These are just a few of the issues that can be detected. Nutri-Green Tulsa can help resolve your brown spots issue. Give us a call today!

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