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Christmas Light Installation in Tulsa

A house in the Tulsa area lit up in Christmas lights and decoration. Christmas light installation was completed by Hook and Ladder, a subsidiary of Nutri-Green.

Apart from the onset of the summer heat, we are turning our thoughts towards the winter months and the precious time we will get to spend together with our families during the holiday season.

Did you know Nutri-Green installs Christmas lighting? Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor has been a subsidiary of Nutri-Green since 2013. Hook and Ladder has grown from decorating a few houses in our first year to helping repeat customers make their homes and businesses shine bright with Christmas spirit year after year. Are you looking for Christmas Décor this season? We want to make sure that even your most decadent holiday decorating ideas can be brought to life by us this year.

Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor was founded by active duty Tulsa Fire Department Captain and Nutri-Green owner, Butch Dellis. Our founder has worked for the fire department for 21 years, making him an expert when it comes to ladder safety, working on high angles, and the electrical demands of light installation. Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor also has a certified electrician available for any unique scenarios that may arise.

Professional Christmas lighting installation services have been the saving-grace addition to our services for our staff members. Lawn care workload begins to slow down in the fall creating idle time. Rather than layoff talented staff members, Butch turned to Christmas Light installation to maintain jobs for his team. Hook and Ladder also hires off-duty firefighters as extra help when the workload demand is high.

We are proud to be the one-stop-shop for all your decorating and lighting needs. Your light display will be built to custom fit your home or business, saving you a lot of time, money, and frustration. No project is too big or too small. Whether for the holiday season or any other event, our services come in handy for other holidays as well. Though we specialize in Christmas lights, we can help with other holidays such as Saint-Patrick’s day, Halloween, or that special birthday or celebration. Contact us today, and we will help you prepare a plan of action that will allow you to stay within your budget while enjoying all those holiday lights have to offer.

We’re also proud to offer a complete line of commercial-grade LED holiday products you won’t find in the big-box stores. The difference? Our products and wiring materials are more durable. Our pre-lit wreaths and garlands are thicker made with more tips and stronger wire. Our specialty décor and lawn ornaments are not available to the public and can only be purchased through our distributors.

With all we have to offer, we guarantee that your home or business decorations will look as good during the day as they do at night. Trust Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor to make the most of all your holiday decorating needs. Save yourself the time, effort and frustration and call the Tulsa Christmas decoration professionals who have successfully transformed and beautified homes and businesses for over 7 years. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Bring the Christmas Spirit to Life with Hook & Ladder

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