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Fall Tip: The Importance of Watering Your Lawn

lawn watering with sprinkler

Cold weather strikes. It’s time to let up on your lawn maintenance, right? Absolutely not.

The thought process behind stopping the maintenance once fall begins is because the turf won’t grow as much due to the weather change. Although it’s not going to hurt your lawn from not watering it, studies have shown that lawns need at least 1 inch of irrigation per week during the first couple of months of fall.

Fall Watering Plan

Since the grass isn’t growing as it did in the summer season, it’s time to put the mower to rest for a little bit. Mowing your lawn won’t be needed as much because the turfgrass will continue to grow in a different way than it does during the warm weather. During the fall season, the turfgrass will form tillers and rhizomes that will help increase the density of fall turf. It’s very important for the grass to heal during this time, especially since it experiences more traffic, disease, and insect infestation during summer.

The fall watering plan should start once the weather changes. Why is watering essentially for turfgrass during this season? The watering will encourage late-season nitrogen applications which will be the most beneficial for your lawn. A dry turf is less likely to enhance the fall rooting with increasing energy storage.

Take Control of the Weeds

Weeds will continue to expand and grow if not maintained all year long. The best time to take control is fall. The weeds that you want to watch out for are dandelions, clover, bindweed, plantain, and thistle. Applying a herbicide to healthy green grass and growing weeds will be more effective for the end result. How? The weeds will absorb the herbicide better and will help control the growth.

Watering the lawn during the fall season will help recover the damaged spots. It will help reduce the number of possible mites eating through your lawn.

If you’re experiencing mite issues, contact us today. We’ll help maintain your lawn throughout the cooler weather into the spring and summer seasons.

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