The Importance of Protecting Your Landscape
September 9, 2023

The Importance of Protecting Your Landscape

What do you notice when you see a well-maintained landscape?

Graceful, majestic trees? Attractive, shapely shrubs with colorful blooms? Dense ground cover complimenting blooming flowers? 

A beautiful landscape is undoubtedly enjoyable. Manicured landscaping not only appeals to the eye and improves mood, but healthy plants also increase property value. As homeowners, we tend to focus our attention on the health of our grass and miss the early signs of trouble brewing in the landscape. When trouble strikes, it's often too late. Homeowners and business owners alike panic when a row of trees turn yellow, new leaves fail to emerge, and dead branches appear in their shrubbery. When strange bugs invade, fear can take hold. It's no wonder folks get upset—plant material is expensive; some mature ornamentals and trees are irreplaceable in terms of size and shape. 

Here at Nutri-Green, we are frequently called to rescue valuable landscape plants back to health. Although our professionals are experienced, highly trained, and often work wonders, sometimes even a quick response is too late, and the sickness in the tree or shrub has progressed beyond saving.

To understand the importance of protecting your landscape, it's also important to understand the dangers of neglecting plant health care. Below are some dangers you may face if you ignore landscaping maintenance.

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Decreased property value

Professional landscaping can add 15 to 20 percent to your home's value. Conversely, neglecting your landscape can lower your home's value by the same percentage. If you think you may re-sell your home or want to maintain your overall property value for the good of the community, consider implementing a landscape maintenance program.

The spread of lawn disease

Just as people get sick, so can trees and ornamentals. If you notice something appearing slightly unusual on your shrubs, branches, or tree trunks, you don't want to ignore it. If your plants have a disease, the likelihood of it spreading to other plants in your yard or neighborhood is high if untreated. If they die, removing and replacing them can be expensive.

Prevent healthy growth

When trees and shrubs are neglected, they become overgrown and unmanageable. Trimming and pruning at least once a year helps shape trees and shrubs that promote healthy growth. Doing this will remove weak limbs that could cause damage in a storm and improve the appearance of your property as a whole. A healthy trim each year prevents the plants from spending unnecessary energy by trying to maintain limbs that are no longer useful.

Poor reputation

An overgrown, unmanicured yard can give your neighbors the wrong impression. Often this is the only information people receive about a residence, and people tend to judge a book by its cover. Landscape maintenance doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Just a little bit of time weekly can bring beauty to your home.

Protect your landscape with Nutri-Green

Rather than reacting to plant problems that strike panic and fear, we'd like to offer a more refined, pro-active process. Nutri-Green's approach to plant health care is focused on the health of the plant, instead of the pest. PHC is a holistic, comprehensive program to manage the health, structure, and appearance of plants in the landscape. Our plant health care treatments are spaced throughout the year and are tailored specifically to your landscape's needs. Let us help you protect the value and beauty of your home with one of our landscape programs, and your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood. If plant health care is important to you, but it doesn't seem very easy, give us a call. We have a staff full of professionals with the know-how and services designed to protect and deliver results.

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