Why Are There Small Mounds of Dirt in My Yard After Rain?
November 6, 2023

Why Are There Small Mounds of Dirt in My Yard After Rain?

If you've ever noticed small dirt mounds in your yard after a rainstorm, you may be wondering what causes them. These mysterious mounds can be caused by a variety of factors, including earthworms, moles, mole crickets, and gophers. Each of these creatures has its own unique way of contributing to the formation of these small dirt mounds. Let's explore each factor in more detail:

earthworm mound in tulsa yard


During the fall and winter seasons, earthworms become active near the soil surface, especially when the ground is wet. As a result, their castings can accumulate and form mounds that resemble small ant hills. These worm castings are clumped into pellets that look similar to Nerds candy but in the color of the soil. Earthworm populations are more commonly found in moist, heavy soil, where their castings can build up to an inch or more deep, particularly during winter when the lawn is not being mowed. The good news is that earthworms and their castings typically don't cause any harm to your lawn. They can even be beneficial as a natural fertilizer. If the castings become thick in a particular area, simply rake them out or collect them to use as a natural boost for your plants.


Moles are known for creating small dirt mounds in the yard after rain when the soil is moist and easy to dig through. These mole mounds resemble miniature volcanoes with a circular base and a conical shape. Moles create tunnels underground as they search for food, such as earthworms and grubs. Unfortunately, they can cause damage to lawns and gardens by uprooting plants and creating unsightly mounds. If you want to get rid of moles, you can consider using traps or repellents or even hire a professional pest control service to handle the job effectively.

Mole crickets

During the winter season, mole crickets can also contribute to the formation of mounds and tunnels in lawns. These insects live in the soil and feed on grass roots and other organic matter. Their activity can result in uneven or rough patches on your lawn. If left untreated, mole crickets can cause significant damage. To address this issue, you can opt for insecticides or nematodes to control their population or seek assistance from a professional pest control service.


Gophers are skilled diggers that create extensive networks of tunnels and burrows underground. Similar to moles, they can cause damage to your lawns and gardens by uprooting plants and leaving behind unsightly mounds. Gopher mounds are usually larger than mole mounds and have a crescent or horseshoe-shaped appearance. To tackle gophers, you have options such as traps, repellents, or professional pest control help.

Turn to the professionals for help

In conclusion, small dirt mounds in your yard after rain can be attributed to various factors, including earthworms, moles, mole crickets, and gophers. Each of these factors has its own distinct characteristics and ways of contributing to the formation of these mounds. Understanding the specific factors causing the mounds will help you determine the best approach to deal with them effectively. Luckily, the team at Nutri-Green Tulsa is here to help! Tell us about your lawn issue and our pest control experts will diagnose your issue and formulate a plan to get your lawn looking its best. Whether it's utilizing natural remedies, employing traps and repellents, or seeking professional assistance, you can regain control of your yard and keep it looking its best.

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