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Turf Care - Tips for Spring Lawn Care

tree and shrub care for healthy lawn

Springtime is here to stay in Tulsa, which means warm weather, cool breezes, and maintenance to preserve a beautiful lawn. There’s a good amount that can go into turf care in order to have that luscious green lawn, and we’d like to help!

According to the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, American homeowners spend about $6.4 billion a year on lawn care services. The items to upkeep your lawn consist of seed, fertilizer, herbicide, lawnmowers, trimmers, and other equipment and products. These can add up to a lot of money, especially if you’re not using them the correct way.

With springtime turf care and some helpful tips, you will blossom a beautiful and healthy summer lawn. Here are some Spring tips in order to achieve your dream lawn.

Prepping Your Lawn

Having a nice lawn requires maintenance and prepping. So, you’ll want to take a rake and go over the lawn that has been dried out during the winter season. If you’re noticing any issues with your lawn, you will want to get those addressed quickly with your lawn care professional. Stress to the lawn can be more susceptible to weeds and disease.

Items to check for during the prepping step are low spots (indicating poor drainage), soil compaction (high traffic areas), and thatch issues. One way to ensure that your soil isn’t compact is to take a garden fork to the ground. If the fork doesn’t penetrate past 2 inches, then you will want to consider aerating your lawn to remove small plugs of the soil. We offer variety of Aeration services.

Lawn Fertilizer 

Once you’ve established some growth, you will want to encourage more grass growth and discourage weeds. Applying lawn fertilizer and herbicides are two of the steps to maintaining a healthy lawn. Knowing how much fertilizer to use will refer to the type of grass you have in your lawn. For more information on choosing the right lawn grasses, see our lawn secrets.  For proper turf care, you will want to apply it earlier in the springtime. On the other hand, herbicides are most effective when applying them to young weeds. Herbicide should be used with care, so check with Nutri-Green before applying it to your lawn.

Maintaining your lawn can be difficult and time consuming. With the assistance of our turf care services and lawn care program, your lawn will be healthy all year long!

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