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Weeds Control 101

A dandelion weed in Tulsa

Weeds are plants that spread and grow in areas of your lawn where they’re not wanted. As a lawn weed control services company, we’ve compiled some tips to eliminate weeds from your lawn and garden.

For starters, learning how to identify the various types of weeds will lead you in the right direction. There are weeds that contain ginormous quantities of seeds that can easily be pulled out by hand or with some type of gardening tool. The easy ones to remove are the hardest to get rid of because the seeds that have been planted into the soil, which than spread. These types of weeds are the ones that you will constantly see reproduce into new ones.

The other type of weed is harder to kill because they produce from the underground roots. The underground roots are harder to kill because they are persistent opposed to sprouting into new plants.

One of the most common weeds is the dandelion. Dandelions are a combination of both weed types. For example, when you’re out gardening and weeding, you will want to extract the entire root because even the smallest piece can break off and reproduce more weeds. Having a thicker layer of mulch will help prevent the seeds from germinating, which make it easier for the weeds that emerge to remove them.

Some of the best tips for eliminating weeds throughout the season are:

Right after rainfall because it’s easier to pull them out directly from the root.
Take on a small portion a day instead of trying to pull them all out in one day or two.
Keep the pulled out weeds separate from your lawn and garden because even laying down on the soil can make them reproduce.

As for common weeds to eliminate:

  • Cynodon Dactylon- difficult to kill because they have long roots that be a couple feet into the ground. These typically grow in Bermudagrass.
  • Stellaria media- these weeds grow in the common chickweed, which produce mainly in the fall. They prefer damp and shaded areas where the rich soil is present.
  • Portulaca oleracea- this is a common annual weed that displays huge leaves that succulent shaped, and blossom with small yellow flowers that open in full sunlight.

Keeping your weeds under control can be daunting. Instead of worrying about the weeds yourself, our lawn weed control services and our 7 step program can help relieve some of the stress, labor, and over-whelming weeds growing within your lawn.

Let us make your lawn green and beautiful!​

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