When to Aerate Your Lawn in Oklahoma

Core aeration in Oklahoma

Aeration—let's go back to the basics. Your lawn needs proper mowing, fertilizing, and watering in order to be luscious and beautiful. With those basic lawn procedures, you want to make sure your lawn is receiving the nutrients it needs beneath the soil, and that is completed through aeration.

Aeration is vital to your lawn because it allows the air and water to flow through the built-up thatch from the different seasons. In order to get rid of the thatch, your lawn will need some tender love and care, along with aeration services.

What is Aeration?

The process behind aeration involves drilling small holes throughout the lawn that allow air, water and other nutrients to penetrate toward the roots. With the grass roots being able to breathe, it enables them to grow stronger for a healthier lawn. The sole purpose of aerating your lawn is to break up the soil compaction. This happens when access grass or other natural debris gets buried under the surface, which then starves the roots from the main sources it needs to grow.

When to Aerate in Oklahoma

As a homeowner, you’re probably wondering when you need an aeration service. To start, it’s best to aerate so when the grass is growing. Springtime is the essential growing season because winter is over and the grass is sprouting. The grass is able to open up and fill in the soil plugs with nutrients. Toward the end of summer is great as well, as the soil is most likely compacted due to the heat and high foot traffic.

But what are some definite signs your soil is compacted and aeration is needed?

  • When your lawn is dried out and feels spongy
  • If you see brown spots
  • If there are areas that aren't growing as much as they used to
  • When you notice water build-up after rain or from watering

Learn more about aeration!

Nutri-Green's Aeration Process

This process is not a DIY project and should be completed by a lawn care professional. Lucky for you, Nutri-Green is here to help! We bring 15 years of experience to the yard, so you can trust our lawn care professionals to bring your lawn back to health! Our aeration services include:

  • Aeration & soil preparation
  • Special-blended seed
  • Starter fertilizer
  • A seeding maintenance guide that includes a comprehensive watering and mowing schedule, maintenance, and more instructions
  • Two-week follow-up to ensure your soil is breathing again!

Reap the Benefits of Aeration

Aeration is one of the most important parts of having a healthy lawn. The aeration process will provide you with:

  • A greener, thicker lawn by filling in the brown spots
  • No more dead grass or weeds
  • A reduction in compaction
  • An increase in water retention
  • Strengthening your lawn as a whole!

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