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Lawn Care in Owasso

We know that consistent and effective lawn care throughout the year is never easy. That’s why we’re here to help! We are committed to providing your lawn care in Owasso that will last you throughout the seasons.

Our 7-step Owasso lawn care program includes:

  • Free 21-Point Evaluation designed to create a program for a healthy yard
  • Seasonal treatments for desired results
  • Lawn fertilization to promote growth
  • Open and friendly communication
  • And so much more!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

As your local lawn care professionals, you can count on us. Our highly trained team will provide you with top-notch treatments. With over 15 years of experience, we are confident in our services and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means we will re-treat your lawn for free if you're ever unhappy with our services! 

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Recurring Lawn Care from Top Professionals

When your yard battles against disease or a pest infestation, getting your yard back in tip-top shape can be a challenge. Luckily, we have done all the homework. We’ve learned that while one-time treatments may temporarily solve the problem, it is only through consistent treatments that you will get the lasting results you desire. Our team of Tulsa lawn care technicians has demonstrated hard work, persistence, and a desire to be one step ahead of the lawn care industry curve at all times after undergoing rigorous courses and training provided by distinguished universities, colleges, and programs.

Weed Control in Owasso

Weeds are unsightly, and it takes time to pull them out over and over again. In fact, the more you pull them out, the more they'll grow back all across your yard! The only way to have a weed-free yard is through professional weed control. Lucky for you, Nutri-Green provides the best! Our lawn technicians will eliminate the most common weeds found in Oklahoma.

When you partner with Nutri-Green for weed control in Owasso, you receive:

  • Pre-emergent weed control to stop weeds from growing
  • Post-emergent weed control to get rid of the weeds currently in your yard
  • Recurring visits to make sure you have a weed-free lawn all year long!

Aeration in Owasso

Lawn aeration can be a landscape lifesaver, adding back much-needed life to your lawn. Usually performed once or twice per year starting in May, aeration and seeding allow your landscape to reach its full potential. While this treatment repairs damaged lawns and makes healthy landscapes even more beautiful. Owasso’s lawn aeration and seeding will provide your lawn with these many benefits:

  • Alleviates compacted soil
  • Improves water flow to the roots
  • Adds oxygen and nutrients to the soil
  • Increases root growth
  • Achieves noticeably greener and healthier turf
  • And much more!

Fill in Bald Spots with Seeding

After hot summer months and harsh winters, grasses go dormant and suffer a tired life. This weakened condition causes grass loss, thinning, weed intrusion, and more. To help your landscape grow lush and healthy, we follow up our lawn aeration service with seeding. Our Owasso seeding service provides your newly-prepared landscape with:

  • A specialized mix of seed that gets to work filling in bare spots
  • Starter fertilizer and comprehensive maintenance guide so you can give your lawn immediate care and continued maintenance
  • 2-week follow up inspection to make sure your lawn is that much closer to being lush and beautiful
  • Don't forget to add our Owasso lawn fertilization to your service!

Lawn Disease Control in Owasso

You’ve worked hard to cultivate a beautiful yard, and few things can ruin your hard work like lawn disease! Lawn disease can appear as unsightly brown patches or discolored circles on your turf and can quickly destroy a beautiful yard. As a locally owned business with over 15 years of experience in lawn disease control, our team at Nutri-Green can treat your turf for a variety of common lawn diseases, including:

  • Fairy circle
  • Brown patches
  • Dollar spot
  • And more! 

Tree and Shrub Care in Owasso

Giving your trees and shrubs the proper attention they need can be difficult, especially when life can get so busy with all the other responsibilities you have these days. That’s why our team of experienced technicians at Nutri-Green Tulsa offers a tree fertilization and shrub care package that is guaranteed to give you the results you want. 

Our year-round tree care program in Owasso is composed of 6 steps, including: 

  • A Comprehensive Inspection of Your Trees and Shrubs: This helps us see what needs to be worked on or improved. 
  • Spring Feeding: This helps your ornamentals recover from Winter and come back with better growth and coloring.
  • Young Foliage Protection: This step reduces damages pests can cause.
  • Maturing Foliage Protection: Tree and shrub fertilization to help with the summer heat.
  • Hot Weather Foliage Protection: Helps ornamentals grow that mature in the hottest parts of summer.
  • Later Summer Foliage Protection: Shrub and tree protection against plant diseases and fall-feeding insects.
  • Fall and Winter Protection: A foliar application of dormant oil to help prevent spring infestation of overwintering eggs, insects, and diseases. 

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They always call before they come and make sure the gate is closed when they leave.

Karri Jones
Tulsa Office
5 Star Review

Nick treated my yard the other day. He did a great job. Very polite. Thorough report.

Matthew Mencer
Tulsa Office
5 Star Review

My yard techian Chase is outstanding. He is very professuonal and thorough. Highly recommend him.

Leslie Colbert
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