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Lawn Tips FAQ's

photo of green grass

Where can I find more lawn tips?

Check out our Lawn Library, you will find lawn secrets to help you achieve and maintain a show-case lawn. 

What is the best grass for my lawn?

In full sun, Bermuda for shady areas blended Tall Fescue. See Lawn Secrets.

How high should I mow my lawn?

This depends on the type of grass in your lawn. Never cut more than 1/3 the height of the grass in any one mowing. See our recommended mowing height chart in Lawn Secrets.

How much and often should I water?

Water long enough to get 1” to 1-1/2” of water per week in the growing season. See our watering information in Lawn Secrets.

How is aeration beneficial to my lawn?

Aeration reduces compaction in the soil allowing vital nutrients, water, and air into the soil. The result is a thicker healthier lawn. 

When is the best time to plant grass seed?

Warm-season grasses should be planted in soil temperatures of 68-95 degrees, usually not before May 1st and by July 1st. Cool-season grasses should be planted in soil temperatures of 68-86 degrees, usually late September and October. The second best time is in March. For more information see our Lawn Secrets.

Why do I have mushrooms growing in my yard?

Mushrooms usually come with excessive moisture and often develop from organic matter. Most are harmless to the grass and tend to go away when the soil dries out. Some mushrooms can be caused by fungal problems in the turf. Contact us for further assistance.