Services FAQ's

Did the rain wash off my treatment?

No. Our treatments go to work immediately. We add lawn agents into our mix that spread, stick to the leaf surface, and penetrate the leaf surface on contact. Once inside the plant, no amount of rainfall or irrigation can wash it off. Rain is good to water in the fertilizer and pre-emergent.

Do I have to take all of the weed applications?

It’s highly recommended if your goal is to maintain a lush green weed-free lawn. The 7-step program is our most popular and very effective for all year control. With fewer treatments, customers see an increase in weeds and diminished green grass color.

Do I need to be home for you to do the service?


Do I need to mow before you treat my lawn?

No, if it’s regularly maintained.  Yes, if the grass and weeds are unusually overgrown.

Do you guarantee your service?

Yes, for customers on our 7-step program. We will perform free service calls as necessary.

Do you install sod?

No. We have relationships in the market and can refer companies that provide the service.

Do you offer lawn maintenance? Mowing, Trimming trees/shrubs, Landscaping, etc.?

We do not, but we have a list of reputable companies to refer you to.

Do you treat flowerbeds?

We offer weed control in landscape beds to help reduce weed pressure in those eye-catching areas.

How competitive are your prices compared to others?

We are definitely competitive compared to other companies. We do not claim to be the cheapest. We offer a whole lot more than just a treatment. We feel you get what you pay for.

How do you base your prices?

Depending on the service, usually by the square feet of your lawn.

How fast can I expect my lawn to be weed free?

That depends on the condition of your lawn. Sometimes after a treatment or two but not always. You must give the program time to work. Even the most aggressive treatment program takes a full year.

How long after you treat can I mow or water?

Requirements vary. Follow the description on your service ticket. In a perfect world, usually, wait 4-5 days. 

How many weed applications do you offer?

We offer a 7 application program that will cover the entire season. 

How much do your weed treatments cost for an average size lot?

This is hard to answer. Too many variables factor into the size of a lot. Our minimum charge is around $27.00 per month and goes up from there.

How much does it cost for an estimate?

Nothing. Our estimates are fast, free, and simple.

How will you service my backyard if I have outside pets or locked gates?

We will contact you a day before service and remind you to secure your pets or unlock your gate.

Is it a waste of money if I can’t water my lawn as the service ticket suggests?

No, but water is vital to having a healthy weed-free lawn. Treatment results may vary. 

What is the blue, green, or yellow colored dye used for?

Sometimes, we add a bio-degradable, environment-friendly dye to mark the treated areas.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a large variety of lawn care services and solutions to lawn issues. Please visit our Services Page for our list of lawn, insect, and tree/shrub programs and services.

What’s the difference if I hire you vs. my mowing company to treat my lawn?

We’re the Experts. We live, sleep, and breathe lawn care every day. We protect your home with a trained eye and can spot issues before they become worse and cost more money. Licensed lawn “care” professionals are very different than lawn “maintenance” workers.

Why aren’t the weeds dying after your treatment?

Not all weeds react the same to the treatments. Some turn yellow or brown or stay green and slightly curl. Sometimes, it’s hard to notice any signs of weed death. The best thing to do is mow after 5-7 days of the treatment, accelerating the killing process.

Why do I occasionally have yellow spots on the lawn after some of the treatments?

That’s the chemical doing its job. Yellowing may occur in grasses from the combination of the treatment and heat. It’s mostly temporary. Watering and mowing will help the grass to recover faster.

Can I expect the dye to create a permanent stain?

No. This product is bio-degradable, designed for lawn applications, and is unlike paint or stain. It begins to fade immediately and disappears within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the amount of sunlight, rain, etc.

Will you notify me before each service?

Yes, but only if you request. Your account will automatically notify us to contact you the day before service is performed.