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A Three Legged Stool

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Just like a three-legged stool, a healthy lawn is supported by three equally important factors. Each factor works with the others to support a lawn that is both beautiful and functional.

First Leg, Proper Maintenance– You must make sure the lawn is correctly mowed, watered and maintained.

Second Leg, Mother Nature– needs to provide good consistent growing conditions. Problems will occur whenever temperature, precipitation and/or humidity become extreme, fluctuate rapidly, and are not in the most favorable range for growing healthy turf grass.

Third Leg, the RIGHT Lawn Care Company-This is no sales pitch. Proper timing and application methods, consistency, professional products, lawn monitoring, early diagnoses of insect and disease problems, these are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional lawn care company. Homeowners tend to struggle and get frustrated trying to do it all.

Your lawn is one-of-a-kind. It has its own set of needs and requirements mostly different from your neighbors. That’s why you need to have a comprehensive lawn care plan formulated to your lawn’s specific needs.

Achieving a near perfect lawn takes time. Here at Nutri-Green, we cannot perform miracles. We are only one leg of the stool. It takes each of the three legs working together. When you work with Nutri-Green, your goals of having a well-established lawn is near certainty.

What to expect from Lawn Care.

We work hard to help you attain a perfect lawn every treatment, however, it’s important for customers to have realistic expectations about lawn care. Despite our best efforts, there are many natural factors that are beyond our control and yours. Turf care is much more complex than just a treatment. Turf grass is a living plant that is affected by the environment, weather patterns, cultural practices, pests, insects, traffic, pets, and many other natural variables we simply can’t control. To expect your lawn to be perfect is unrealistic. You must be willing to be patient, allow our service and Mother Nature the time to permit the lawn to succeed.

Instant Results, not a chance!

A healthy, weed-free lawn cannot occur instantly or by one treatment. Be wary of any lawn care company who claims they can do this. Beautiful lawns simply come in time and with patience. However, with our treatments, you will see change happen quickly. Each of our treatments works with the other, and each will kill weeds and improve the health of your lawn. Depending on your lawn’s condition, you can expect to have a beautiful, healthy lawn within a year or two, sometimes faster.

5 Star Review

Best lawn service we have used. Anytime we had a problem, they were quick to resolve.

crystal brooks
Tulsa Office
5 Star Review

Overall just started but have heard great things about this company. They have been very responsive and very helpful.

Jeff Offi
Tulsa Office
5 Star Review

I just want to say thank you for your service. Brian is very professional. Thank you Tony for setting up the account.

Tarance Anderson
Tulsa Office