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Christmas Light Installation in Tulsa, OK

When you partner with our Christmas lighting company in Tulsa, OK to handle your outdoor light installation and decorating, you’re opting for a holiday full of enjoyment and excitement instead of one full of stress. Beginning with a design consultation, our team of experienced Christmas light installers will take your holiday dreams and make them come true without you ever having to do any of the work.

Our Holiday Decor Services

Our holiday lighting and decor process includes:

  • Initial consultation over the phone to schedule a visit to the property to provide your estimate.
  • Installation by off-duty firefighters of your lights and decor for your property.
  • Removal of lighting and decor that is carefully packaged into a storage container.
  • Free service calls during your first year with us!
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christmas decorations
christmas decorations
christmas decorations

What Sets Our Lighting Service Apart?

Our products and wiring materials are more durable. Our pre-lit wreaths and garlands are made thicker and with more tips & stronger wire. Our specialty décor and lawn ornaments are not available to the public and can only be purchased through our distributors. We’re also proud to offer a complete line of commercial-grade LED holiday products you won’t find in big-box stores.

Our Christmas lighting services by Hook & Ladder can help take the hassle out of lighting up your home including:

  • Lighting
  • Wreaths
  • Bows
  • Garlands
  • And more!

Who Is Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor?

Hook and Ladder Holiday Décor is a Christmas light company—a subsidiary of Nutri-Green since 2013, founded by active duty Tulsa Fire Department Captain and Nutri-Green owner, Butch Dellis. Our founder has worked for the fire department for 20+ years, making him an expert when it comes to ladder safety, working on high angles, and the electrical demands of light installation

Professional Christmas lighting installation services have been a saving-grace addition to our services for our staff members. Lawn care workload begins to slow down in the fall, creating idle time. Rather than lay off talented staff members, Butch turned to holiday light installation to maintain jobs for his team. Hook and Ladder also hire off-duty firefighters as extra help when the workload demand is high. We also have a certified electrician available for any unique scenarios that may arise.

Our service agreement includes both lease and maintenance of the lights, with all required service calls included. We are the owners of the lights, ensuring that they are always up-to-date and in compliance with all necessary regulations. With our comprehensive service package, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their lighting needs are taken care of in every way. From installation to ongoing maintenance, we offer a complete lighting solution that is reliable, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

We will put the lights up between Nov. 1 – Dec. 22nd and we will take them down after the first of the new year.   

Our lighting services offer a wide range of options for your décor needs, they can be as elaborate as you desire. We are able to provide lights for the house, windows, bushes, trees (wrapping and canopy), outlining of sidewalks, driveways,  and more.   

We itemize our bids so that you can choose the décor that you prefer along with the budget that fits. 

Our starting bid for holiday lighting is $350, which includes approximately 90 ft of C9 lights for your home. This is just an example of what you can expect at our minimum, and you can choose to customize your lighting package based on your preferences.

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Lease Benefits

  • Customized Decoration plan made by one of our holiday light specialists 
  • Standard Professional Installation 
  • Removal and storage of all décor after the holiday season 
  • Free Service Calls  
  • Year-to-year light color change for no additional cost  
  • All lights used are commercial-grade LED 
  • Pricing the same year to year  
  • Display change from year to year as desired (price subject to change based on display) 

Licensed and Bonded, particularly for this type of work


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Our team of professional Christmas light installers is proud to offer our Christmas light installation, storage, and snow removal services in Tulsa, OK, as well as the surrounding communities.

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Great company, timely applications...much better than competitors. Highly recommend!

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We've had 2 treatments so far and noticed the weeds dying within the week of the first treatment.

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Very friendly and knowledgable. I called around to all the local companies and they have the best prices also!

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