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Everything Your Lawn Needs to be Healthy and More!

Solving lawn issues can be a real headache for homeowners if they try to do it themselves. Nutri-Green offers solutions to complicated lawn issues that go beyond traditional lawn care maintenance. In order for your lawn to stay healthy, our highly trained staff will execute a solution specific to your lawn’s problems. Not sure exactly what's wrong with your lawn? No problem! Give our office a call today and we can be at your home in no time to inspect your turf and create a customized solution to restoring its health. 

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Additional Lawn Services

Green lawn with trees, shrubs and other landscaping

Not sure exactly what your lawn needs? No problem— that's what we are here for! Our staff will examine the specific issues you’re having, explain how our services can help, and provide a fast free quote all within minutes. Call 918-322-5757 right now to get started. No time to call? Simply fill out our fast free quote form, and we’ll send you an estimate to look over at your convenience!

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Lime Treatments, Soil Conditioners, & More!

  • Soil Testing & Analysis: We pull soil samples from your lawn and analyze the tested results from soil experts. This allows us to design a tailor-made lawn program specific to your soil conditions. This can be performed as needed at anytime!
  • pH Testing & Lime Treatments: Lime can affect color, thatch, and root development of your lawn. It can also bring the soil pH back into balance, giving your lawn a much-needed boost. This treatment is especially great for lawns growing under trees!
  • Special Micro-Fertilizer Applications: Micro-fertilizer applications can add deep rich green color to your lawn. It replaces vital micro-nutrients missing in the soil, and promotes a vigorous and healthy lawn! This can be performed anytime during your lawn's growth season.
  • Soil Conditioners: Got clay? We apply soil conditioners to loosen heavy clay soil, allowing air and water to more easily penetrate, which promotes grass and plant growth. This can be applied anytime but early spring or late fall is best.
  • Specialized Weed Control: Some weeds are extra resilient and require special applications and specific timing to eliminate them. We offer solutions to get rid of these issues, and they can be performed anytime during your lawn's growth season!

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Areas We Service  

Here at Nutri-Green, we are locally-owned and operated in Oklahoma and are proud to take care of our neighbors. We serve the greater Tulsa metro area, including:

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