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Refresh Your Lawn with Aeration & Seeding Services!

Whether your lawn is bare or just has a few balding spots, having a landscape that is anything less than full and lush can be frustrating. However, with core or liquid aeration and overseeding services from Nutri-Green, you can wave goodbye to a thinning lawn and say hello to a gorgeous, thick landscape that lasts.

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Aeration & Over-Seeding in Tulsa

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Aeration and overseeding are much more than just lawn care services—they can be a landscape lifesaver! Usually implemented once or twice per year starting in May, this service can help to fill in any bald spots, reduce lawn compaction, and give your landscape a much-needed growth spurt. 

During this process, our team of lawn care experts will:

  • Reduce soil compaction to give your lawn some breathing room
  • Improve oxygen, water, and nutrient flow to roots
  • Seed with a specialized seeding blend to encourage growth
  • Provide follow-up visits to check for results
  • And so much more!

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Refresh Your Lawn with Aeration

At Nutri-Green, we offer two different types of aeration services depending on what works best for your lawn and landscape. This process not only reduces thatch build-up and soil compaction throughout your yard but also allows for an increased flow of water and nutrients to the roots of your grass. This step fully prepares your landscape for the seeding process and helps to keep your yard healthy all year long.

Core Aeration

This involves pulling plugs of soil from your lawn to allow air, water, and proper nutrients to seep down beneath to the grassroots. These holes help the roots and grass grow strong and healthy, but will only last for a short period of time and only impacts 3-5% of your yard. Core aeration is performed to break up the soil compaction that happens over the course of a year. When the soil is compacted, it makes it hard for proper circulation and nutrients to reach the roots. For example, heavy lawns and excess lawn thatch buried under the grass surface will starve the roots from essential elements. 

Liquid Aeration

This process gets the smaller soil particles to clump together, making larger pore spaces for air, water, and nutrients to flow. This process is able to adjust the size of the soil grains in order to give your lawn more breathing room. It also removes sodium from the soil, better allowing your lawn and plants to receive proper nutrients. Since it is a liquid treatment, this will cover 100% of your yard. Plus, it is odor-free, environmentally friendly, and healthy for your lawn! Liquid aeration has the same benefits as core aeration, but is even better!

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Promote New Growth with Seeding

During the hot months of summer, fescue-type grasses can go dormant or suffer injury, which limits the thickness of the turf. This weakened condition causes grass loss, thinning, and weed intrusion. To help fill in bald spots and keep your landscape looking lush, we follow up our aeration service with a full course of seeding. Our technicians will seed your newly prepared landscape with our specialized mix of seeds that will take root quickly and begin to fill in bald spots throughout your yard. We even include a starter fertilizer and comprehensive maintenance guide with our seeding services to ensure that you get results as soon as possible. Lastly, we do a two-week follow-up inspection for your peace of mind.

The Benefits of Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration and seeding services can be very beneficial for your landscape by improving the overall health and appearance of the turf. Additionally, these services can benefit your grass by:

  • Increasing the root's access to fresh air, water, and nutrients.
  • Improving water and fertilizer absorption and reducing runoff.
  • Allowing for more advanced and resilient root systems.
  • Improving the grass' ability to fight off diseases, pathogens, and insects.
  • Increasing the activity of different beneficial microorganisms.
  • Growing thicker, healthier grass to fill in bare spots.
  • And more!

Areas We Service in Tulsa

Curious if we offer liquid aeration, core aeration, or over-seeding services in your area? We proudly provide homeowners in and around the greater Tulsa metro area with outstanding customer service and complete lawn care. This includes:

Restore your lawn back to health.

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