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Eliminate Pests From Your Yard

Many common lawn insects here in Oklahoma can cause substantial damage to your lawn, such as dead grass spots and dirt mounds scattered throughout their lawn from different pests. Luckily for you, Nutri-Green can help protect your grass from common insects like armyworms, grubs, mole crickets, ants, spiders, wasps, and more. 

Lawn Pest Control

Green grass

Our pest control experts will quickly respond to your home, identify the issue, and treat those turf eating monsters all in one trip. Let us set your mind at ease so you can get back to enjoying your lawn the way it’s intended! Not sure if you have a pest problem in your grass? Here are the most common signs:

  • Wilted grass blades
  • Brown patches
  • Irregular patches of grass
  • Circular bare or dead spots

Season-Long Protection from Grubs

Grub worm populations are specifically severe here in Oklahoma in the months of late August through October. These C-shaped beetle larvae are almost always present in your soil, and they can wreak havoc on your well-maintained lawn. In smaller populations, grubs tend to go undetected while feeding on the roots of your grasses and other plants. However, when populations grow over the 1-3 years of a grub's life cycle, the damage to your lawn can become extensive, leaving you with dead patches in your yard that don’t respond to water or fertilizers. In addition, they are also a source of food for moles, skunks, and various birds. So even if the grub worms don’t directly damage your turf, their predators can with their tunnels and scratching at the surface of your grass.

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At Nutri-Green, our lawn experts utilize the leading grub control product Acelepryn, which is:

  • EPA-approved and family-friendly.
  • Applied to your lawn in the early spring and is absorbed by the roots. 
  • Ingested by the grubs as they eat the roots, which kills the grubs before they can reproduce again.
  • Also treats for billbugs, white grubs, turf caterpillars, and other lawn-damaging insects.
  • Not dangerous for honey bees, bumblebees, earthworms, and other beneficial insects.

Have You Noticed Moles or Gophers?

If you have a grub problem in your yard, there's a chance you may have a mole or gopher problem too! These animals feed on white grubs, earthworms, and other insects, so if your yard is suffering from a grub infestation, it’s likely attracting moles and gophers. The optimal time to prevent and treat white grubs is from April through October, but if you notice a mole or gopher infestation in your yard, give us a call and we can inspect your grass in no time!

Other Common Lawn Pests

​There are many species of lawn pests found here in Oklahoma, and Nutri-Green can help protect your lawn from all of them! We also offer treatments for:

  • Billbugs
  • Mole crickets
  • Mites
  • Armyworms
  • Cutworms
  • And more!

Let the Professionals Handle It!

Trying to treat a lawn pest infestation on your own can often cause more damage if you treat for the wrong pest. Let the professionals at Nutri-Green take care of the problem for you from start to finish so you don't risk further damage. We proudly service the following areas: 

Don’t let destructive pests ruin the health of your lawn.

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