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Save $25 on Mosquito Control in Tulsa

If you don’t want itchy bites in your future, allow the professionals at Nutri-Green to prevent them! We are proud to offer reasonably priced, effective mosquito control services for our residential and commercial clients. As our local and trusted leader in mosquito control in Tulsa, we have a variety of services proven in this community that will help you reclaim and enjoy your outdoor living space.

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Mosquito Control in Tulsa

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Mosquitoes are more than just annoyances to your next backyard BBQ. They can carry and transmit serious diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, and many others. Through a single mosquito bite, pets can be infected with roundworm larvae, which eventually causes life-threatening Heartworm disease. In the Tulsa area, our long and warm-season coupled with the abundant waterways, provides the perfect conditions for the spring, summer, and fall breeding of these bugs. Our mosquito yard spray in Tulsa, OK, will end your mosquito problems once and for all, and allow you to enjoy your yard again!

Each yard is different, and so are your mosquito control needs! We have three mosquito barrier protection programs in Tulsa for you to choose from.

  • Barrier Protection: This is our most popular treatment plan! With our barrier protection plan, our techniques and treatments provide immediate results, killing insects on contact. Our mosquito exterminators also prevent them from reappearing by disrupting their breeding cycles, building a protective barrier around your property. To ensure your comfort extends through the season, we perform treatments from April to October, when activity is present.
  • Lawn Guard Protection: Looking for an affordable, effective solution to handle all of your lawn pest needs? LawnGuard, our “no-bite” solution, adds an extra layer of security to your property by protecting you from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks all in one! This cost-effective treatment plan is your key to a no-bite, backyard oasis!
  • Special Event Protection: Planning an outdoor event? We offer timely, odor-free mosquito spray treatments to ensure these pests are kept off the guest list. Our special event mosquito services include 2 treatments to guarantee your outdoor area is as mosquito-free as possible. Just schedule your treatments prior to your event and receive optimum control and protection you can count on!

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Long-Term Relief with Our Mosquito Barrier Spray in Tulsa

Our two-punch service will deliver a knockout blow by getting rid of biting adults and stopping pre-hatched larvae in their tracks! We apply insecticide to mosquito resting areas in your yard such as fences, foliage, walls, and eaves. Our equipment allows us to get the coverage you need to gain control quickly and effectively at killing and repelling mosquitoes. To “rain-guard” our application, we add in agents that protect the application from the rain so that you can still rely on its efficiency even if it has rained since your last treatment.

Eco-Friendly, Family-Safe Tulsa Mosquito Control 

We are so confident in our treatments, we guarantee to reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard. In the unlikely event that your mosquito problem persists, we will promptly return to your property and re-treat to get rid of the problem—at no additional cost! To ensure your comfort extends throughout the season, we perform treatments from April through October.

When you partner with Nutri-Green for mosquito control in Tulsa, you can expect:

  • Odor-free, eco-friendly mosquito control treatments
  • Effective mosquito prevention products that kill on contact and stop larvae life-cycle
  • Guaranteed 85-100% reduction in mosquito bites within 3-4 weeks of treatment
  • More security for your family, friends, and pets
  • And so much more! 

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Areas We Service Near Tulsa, OK

Curious if we offer our mosquito control services in your area? We proudly service properties in the greater Tulsa metro area including:

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