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We Keep Pests Where They Belong: Outside of Your Home!

There are many things that belong in your home, but household pests certainly isn’t one of them. Many homeowners, just like you, suffer from dealing with pests in their home, but the good news is that you don’t have to face them alone. Here at Nutri-Green, we offer reliable perimeter pest control services that keep pests where they are meant to be...outside!

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Perimeter Pest Control in Eastern Oklahoma

Front of home with green lawn, shrubs and no pests

One of our friendly exterminators will start with a complete inspection of the outside of your home, locating the harboring and invasion sites of pests. At the time of the initial visit, we will begin our treatment around the outside perimeter of your home. Our program consists of regular treatments performed approximately every 30-45 days from April through October, protecting your home all season long. Ready to stop sharing your home with uninvited guests? Protect your family and pets from disease-carrying pests with our perimeter pest control services! We offer eco-friendly solutions to give you reliable, unbeatable protection from common pests like:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Wasps
  • Pill bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Yellow Jackets
  • And more!

We Target the Areas Pests Live & Breed

The secret to our perimeter pest control program? We eliminate pests at the source so they don't even get the opportunity to enter your home! With our highly effective perimeter pest control, we target the most common areas that pests live and breed, giving you a pest-free home to enjoy all year round. We will target exit and entry points around your home, including:

  • Utility penetrations
  • Dryer vents
  • Window frames
  • Front door
  • And more!

What's more, we promise to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process and with every treatment. We'll record the progress and condition of your home which will be noted and uploaded to your personal account for 24/7 access. You'll never have to wonder where we treated your home or what we did - you'll always know!

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Why You Should Choose Nutri-Green

With so many options in the area, we'll tell you why you should choose Nutri-Green for your perimeter pest control needs. Aside from having a 4.9 average rating on Google+ with over 75 reviews, we also offer: 

  • Treatments That Are Easy on the Environment: Our certified technicians provide green, effective treatments around the perimeter of your home, target main entry and exit points to keep bugs out for good. Unlike some treatments that only get rid of your existing bug problem, our perimeter pest control services also create a barrier around your home that keeps pests from returning. With this extra layer of protection, pests don’t stand a chance getting into your home!
  • Timely Treatments for the Fastest Relief: We take pest control very seriously and our rigorous training standards for our technicians reflect that. Our exterminators are highly-trained and undergo extensive education prior to inspecting your home for pests. We also know that when you have a pest infestation, you need quick, reliable service — we’ve got you covered!
  • A Team of Local Professionals You Can Trust: As a locally-owned and operated business, we believe that our customers deserve the best possible service because you are more than just a customer — you’re a neighbor! You can trust we have the best interest of your home and family in mind when treating your home. We are proud to be a local business and look forward to serving our neighbors like you for years to come.

Areas We Service in Oklahoma

We are proud to offer perimeter pest control to homeowners in the greater Tulsa metro area, including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Verdigris, Sand Springs, Jenks, Bixby, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Kiefer, Okmulgee, and more! Not sure if we service your area? Check out our service areas to view our map!

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

At Nutri-Green, your satisfaction is our top priority. If an issue occurs and you are not satisfied with our service, let us know and we will promptly address the problem with you. If necessary, we will continue to address the problem until you are satisfied. If we still are not able to satisfy your needs, we will refund the cost of your last treatment. We promise to work hard for you - that's our guarantee!

Don’t let pests ruin your peace of mind.

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