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Year-Round Tree Care and Shrub Protection

Trees and shrubs are some of the best ways to make your landscape stand out, but if they are not properly cared for, they can quickly become your yard’s biggest eyesores. If you’re struggling to keep your ornamentals healthy and lush, our tree and shrub care can help get them back to their former glory!

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Tree Services in Tulsa

Green lawn with shrubs and trees

While your trees may look healthy now, our team of experienced, local experts has the expertise and experience to notice early signs of tree diseases, insect infestations, or dehydration. That's why our 6-step tree and shrub care plan includes regular comprehensive inspections by our professional technicians, as well as:

  • Spring Feeding: Promotes richer color and growth and helps plants recover from the winter conditions.
  • Young Foliage Protection: Reduces the impact of early damage from pests.
  • Maturing Foliage Protection: For strongly established trees and shrubs before the summer heat.
  • Hot Weather Foliage Protection: For plants maturing in the hottest parts of the summer.
  • Late Summer Foliage Protection: Prepares trees and shrubs for fall-feeding insects and any existing plant disease.
  • Fall and Winter Protection: A foliar application of dormant oil to prevent spring infestations of overwintering insects, eggs, and diseases.​

Your Satisfaction—Guaranteed

We Care More! We want to ensure that you get the results you deserve—which is why all of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our treatments, we will return and perform a re-treatment completely free of charge!

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Deep Root Fertilization for Added Protection

A little care goes a long way to keeping your ornamentals healthy, and when they're in good shape, your trees and shrubs are more likely to resist stressors such as heat, disease, and insects, which is why we offer a series of deep-root fertilization applications, which:

  • Can be completed anytime after the first freeze of the fall, typically in December or January.
  • Utilizes a spiked probe that goes 4-6" into the soil, injecting a combination of liquid fertilizers and soil conditioners.
  • Fertilizes under the canopy of all non-native trees and shrubs except for Azaleas (which are best fertilized in the late spring).
  • Ensures your ornamentals are properly hydrated.

Proper Tree Care is An Investment

It can be expensive to plant trees around your property—but properly tended trees and shrubs can significantly improve your home's curb appeal, which in turn can increase your home's value. Protect your investment today and reap all the benefits, including:

  • Increased real estate value
  • Beautification of your property
  • Shading and enhanced cooling
  • Screening, privacy, and noise reduction
  • Air purification and wind reduction
  • Recreational value
  • Enhanced safety

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Only the Best for Our Valued Customers

At Nutri-Green, we strive to offer the best products, customer service, and a team of lawn care professionals. Our team of experts has demonstrated hard work, persistence, and a desire to be one step ahead of the lawn care industry curve at all times after undergoing rigorous courses and training provided by distinguished universities, colleges, and programs.

Here are some examples of the certifications and experiences of our lawn service technicians: 

  • Georgia Certified Landscaper Professional
  • Georgia Certified Plant Professional
  • Certified Applicator
  • 16 years of Green Industry Experience
  • 12 years of Customer Service Experience
  • 15 years of Customer Sales Experience
  • 12 years of Management Experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Landscape Contracting and Minor Horticulture

Areas We Service

Are you wondering if we offer tree and shrub care services in your area? Nutri-Green services many local neighborhoods in the greater Tulsa metro area. These include: 

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