Award Winning Lawn Care In Jenks, OK

It can be risky to place your trust in the hands of another when dealing with your landscape. When you choose Nutri-Green, we can assure you that our lawn care technicians will know what it takes to make your turf thrive year-round, so all you’ll need to do is sit back & enjoy the results! Our team of local lawn care experts has demonstrated hard work, persistence, and a desire to be one step ahead of the lawn care industry curve at all times after undergoing rigorous courses and training provided by distinguished universities, colleges, and programs.

Lawn Care In Jenks, Oklahoma

At Nutri-Green, we know that maintaining a beautiful turf can be hard work, which is why we’re here to help! When you partner with our locally owned and operated lawn care company, you can trust our experienced specialists to take excellent care of your turf! 

When you sign up for our lawn care services in Jenks, we wil: 

  • Complete a  free 21-point lawn evaluation to understand your turf's needs.
  • Provide year-round treatments.
  • Fertilize your lawn.
  • Treat for lawn pests & disease. 
  • Eliminate and prevent weeds from taking over.
  • Deliver quality lawn care services with a smile.
  • And so much more!

What's more, we we don’t just believe in the quality of our treatments but back it up. We are so confident in our service that if you aren’t satisfied with your results, we will return to address it immediately at no additional cost. We 100% guarantee it. Call us for Jenks lawn care services today!

Weed Control In Jenks, OK

While regularly scheduled maintenance treatments will help your turf look beautiful, weeds may also pop up from time to time. Don't remove these on your own, though! The only way to get rid of weeds once-and-for-all is through professional solutions. Lucky for you, Nutri-Green provides exceptional weed removal services that will eliminate even the most common weeds in Jenks and throughout our Eastern Oklahoma service area! This way, you don't have to be the one wasting time pulling out weeds only for them to grow back!

Our weed control in Jenks includes:

  • Pre-emergent weed control to ensure weeds don't grow back.
  • Post-emergent weed control to eradicate the weeds currently in your yard.
  • Recurring visits so you can have a weed-free yard all year!

Don't wait for henbit, dandelions, and other nuisance and unsightly weeds to show up; contact Nutri-Green Lawn Care today! 

Aeration & Seeding In Jenks, OK

Our aeration and seeding program will help your grass to reach its maximum growth potential by reducing soil compaction, allowing important nutrients to reach the roots, which will give your grass a power boost! When you partner with us for your aeration and seeding services in Jenks, we will:

  • Give your grass room to breathe and grow with our aeration treatments.
  • Enhance growth potential by allowing essential nutrients to reach the roots and enrich the soil.
  • Lay down specialized seeds to promote growth and fill in bald spots.
  • Conduct check-ups to ensure your grass is in great shape.

As part of our effort to offer you the ultimate lawn care services, we have two different lawn aeration options in Jenks for you to choose from. 

Core Aeration
Over the course of the year, your soil becomes compacted, which makes it hard for your roots and soil to receive the proper nutrients it needs to grow effectively. With core aeration, we pull plugs of soil from your turf in order for water, oxygen, and other nutrients to easily reach your roots.

Liquid Aeration
Liquid aeration is similar to core aeration but even more effective! This treatment will cover 100% of your yard, and remove sodium which will greatly increase the growth of your plants and soil.

When you reach out for assistance, we'll consult with you and determine which one best suits your grass' needs.

Lawn Disease Control In Jenks, OK

Are there dead patches in your yard that are hurting your curb appeal? Those patches could be a result of disease in your yard. To protect your grass from brown patch disease, dollar spot, fairy ring, and all other lawn diseases, you need to act quickly to prevent further damage! Luckily, Nutri-Green provides professional lawn disease control in Jenks to help your yard get back to the healthy grass you had before!

With years of experience and research, our local technicians have the knowledge to diagnose the disease your grass has and create a specific treatment for your yard! When choosing Nutri-Green for your turf disease control needs, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection—Our technicians will take their time inspecting your yard to see what disease is affecting your yard.
  • Customized treatment for your lawn—When the disease is identified, our technicians are able to decide which treatment is best and will treat your grass.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee—If needed, our technicians will come back to re-treat your grass to make sure the disease is gone for good!

Reach out today for more information or to request a free quote!

Jenks, OK Tree and Shrub Care 

Trees and shrubs add dimension and life to your landscape, but they also require dedication and elbow grease to properly maintain. Tree care and shrub care are time-consuming practices, but they’re necessary if you want your plants to look their best. Rather than invest hours learning about tree maintenance, foliage, and trimming, you can outsource these tasks to our expert technicians at Nutri-Green. We provide specialized, year-round care for your ornamentals with a hassle-free process. 

When you partner with our technicians for tree and shrub care in Jenks, you can expect: 

  • A 6-step tree and shrub care program that covers all aspects of their care.
  • Foliage protection for hot weather, late summer, fall, and winter, so your landscape can avoid shrub disease and tree disease year-round.
  • Young and maturing foliage protection for trees and shrubs at all stages of the life cycle.
  • Deep root fertilization for expert care and hydration of your ornamentals. 

Request your free tree and shrub care quote today!

Perimeter Pest Control In Jenks, OK

The best way to keep your home free of pests is to make sure they don't have the opportunity to get inside. At Nutri-Green Lawn Care, we offer perimeter pest control services in Jenks that keep pests outside where they belong. Our solution targets ants, crickets, spiders, and other insects that often try to infest homes in our region. 

In business since 2001, Jenks homeowners can count on our team to deliver comprehensive pest treatments every 30 to 45 days from April through October, protecting your home all season long! What's more, your satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer a satisfaction guarantee to give you the confidence that we will get the job done no matter what! If you aren't satisfied with our work, we’ll do what we can to make it right. Still not satisfied? We will refund the cost of your last treatment. If you're ready for a pest-free home, call our local exterminators today or complete the form below. 

Mosquito Control In Jenks, OK

Did you know that Nutri-Green Lawn Care has been helping property owners reduce mosquito activity every summer for over 20 years? It's true! If you're looking for seasonal mosquito control in Jenks, we are the company to call.

Our mosquito services include:

  • Odor-free, eco-friendly mosquito treatments April - October
  • Solutions that eliminate adult mosquitoes and disrupt the mosquito breeding process
  • Guaranteed 85-100% mosquito reduction

And because we understand every yard is different, we offer three different mosquito control protection programs to choose from including: 

  • Barrier Protection: We will protect the barrier of your home to make sure no mosquitoes can get it. This is our most common treatment!
  • LawnGuard Protection: An extra layer of protection to make sure mosquitoes are gone!
  • Special Events Protection: Backyards are the perfect location for barbeques, family events, or whatever else you have planned! With our special events protection, your yard will be protected so your event will not be interrupted. 

Jenks, OK Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are common backyard pests that can hide almost anywhere, from shrubs to outdoor furniture to cracks in the driveway. Not only are they annoying, but fleas and ticks can also cause skin issues, allergic reactions, and illnesses such as Lyme disease and tularemia. To take back your yard and protect your family, trust our flea and tick control in Jenks. We’ll eliminate these unwanted nuisances and keep them gone all season long with proactive treatments.

Our services includes:

  • A careful inspection of your property, performed by an expert flea and tick control specialist.
  • A thorough treatment of your entire lawn, plus nearby problem areas like tree lines, tall grass, and shrubbery.
  • Consistent service to keep fleas and ticks at bay, preventing them from reinfesting your yard.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee—if you’re unhappy for any reason, we’ll quickly make things right at no additional cost.

Don't wait for fleas and ticks to bite; contact Nutrit-Green Lawn Care today!

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